Azerbaijan Federation host seminar to grow next generation of Volleyball coaches

Tuesday 24th of October 2017

Baku, Azerbaijan, October 24, 2017. A seminar for ‘Level 1’ Volleyball coaches took place in Baku from October 21 to 26. The seminar looked at ways in which National Federations can sustain and continue to improve the quality of Volleyball coaching. On top of this, the workshop offered those responsible for the education of Volleyball coaches the chance to meet and share best practices.


As many as 31 people attended the seminar, thus accounting for 24 Azerbaijani and 7 foreign coaches. FIVB Instructor Necat Sancak from Turkey was responsible for leading the seminar. 

“I’m happy to be in Baku. Azerbaijan can boast high-level Volleyball and the country recently hosted the 2017 women’s European Championship. I see many talented coaches with a promising future ahead. We must continue our work, since coaching helps with the overall development of Volleyball,” Sancak said. 

The National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan supported the organisation of the seminar in Baku. The Head of the Marketing Department of the NOC, Mr Mehman Karimov emphasised the importance of the seminar. “We would like to raise the next generation of Azerbaijani coaches. As a result, we are thinking of hosting a second stage of this seminar. It will be good for all involved,” Mr Karimov said. 

Mrs Nargiz Ismayilova of the Azerbaijan Volleyball Federation stressed the relevance of that seminar as well. “By hosting this seminar, we are promoting the emergence of new talent and this is key to our future success,” she said.

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